Teologia Da Prosperidade

Como entender a Teologia Da Prosperidade

Primeiro vamos entender o que é teologia, para seguirmos coma teologia da prosperidade

Segundo o site significados.com.br teologia é o estudo da existência de Deus, e qual a sua relação no mundo e com os homens.

Logo quando falamos em Teologia Da Prosperidade, vamos falar sobre o estudo de Deus e sua relação com a prosperidade humana.

Podemos citar aqui muitos homens que se utilizaram do poder divino para atingir a prosperidade.

Começando por Hermes Trimegistus que foi o primeiro a propagar as leis mentais como criadoras do universo. Podemos falar também sobre personagens bíblicos como Isaac, Abraão, Jacó, José, Moisés, Rei Saul, Rei David, Rei Salomão e até o grande mestre Jesus.

Mas nest post vou destacar somente um deles, José, ou, mais conhecido como Zafenate Panéia, o único Hebreu a se tornar o grande Governador do Egito.

Dentro da teologia da prosperidade, podemos observar pela história que José teve, antes mesmo de se tornar governador de Egito, seu destino final seria sempre o sucesso.

Ele sempre teve uma Fé extremamente fervorosa, conseguia entregar de fato todo a sua vida a Deus, fazia todos os seus afazeres com muito alegria, amor e gratidão, e também com muita diligência. Tal atributo este, que é inclusive mencionado pelo Rei Salomão no livro Salomão O Homem Mais Rico Que Já Existiu.

Tal maneira de ser, de pensar e de agir, abriram as portas da prosperidade divina para José, que mesmo sendo vendido como escravo pelos próprios irmãos, sendo preso, e muitas vezes injustiçado no Egito, não perdeu a Fé e se tornou o grande Governador do Egito.

Onde José colocava as mãos prosperava, simplesmente porque ele entendia que era necessário sempre estar conectado com Deus para que todas as coisas boas aconteçam em nossas vidas, mesmo em que um primeiro momento nada pareça bom, ou, favorável, a certeza que Deus está cuidando para reverter esta situação é extremamente importante.

Se você quiser saber mais sobre a teologia da prosperidade clique aqui.

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Drake Says Grammy Wins For ‘Hotline Bling’ Feel “Weird” Because “It’s Not a Rap Song”

Despite the fact that Drake had one of the highest numbers of Grammy nominations this year (he had eight, one less than Beyonce’s nine), the Toronto rapper didn’t attend the Feb. 12 awards show. While his concert in Manchester, England, was the main reason Drake missed out on accepting his two awards, judging by the latest episode of his weekend show guide to singing on Apple’s Beats 1, he wouldn’t have wanted to be there anyway.

In an interview with Britain’s DJ Semtex — which was recorded the day after the Grammys — Drake expressed his frustration with the Recording Academy for only recognizing him as a rap artist when his songs were actually mega pop hits.

“I’m a black artist, I’m apparently a rapper, even though ‘Hotline Bling’ is not a rap song,” Drake said on the show. “The only category on guide to singing  that they can manage to fit me in is in a rap category, maybe because I’ve rapped in the past or because I’m black.”

“Hotline Bling” was the source of Drake’s Grammy wins this year, winning both best rap song and best rap/sung collaboration. On top of acknowledging his Grammy-winning track, Drake also mentioned that his dance-y smash “One Dance” (which was the first song to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify) didn’t receive any recognition whatsoever. Perhaps this is because, as he suggested, both tracks are pop songs versus rap songs: “But I never get any credit for that,” he said.

“I won two awards but I don’t even want them because it feels weird to me,” Drake continued, adding that he wants to be like Michael Jackson and other artists he looked up to. Drake was among a handful of prominent artists who didn’t attend this year’s Grammys, a list that also included nominees Frank Ocean, Kanye West and Justin Bieber. Ocean later dubbed the annual show “dated” and claimed it was out of touch with black artists.

With his More Life project expected sometime this year, Drake may have another chance at getting recognition as a pop artist. Whether the Recording Academy will take his frustrations into consideration, time will only tell.

The Caio Fábio Exclusive – Before All, Reconnection

The Caio Fábio Exclusive – Before All, Reconnection course is taught by the Pastor and Psychoanalyst Caio Fábio, video lessons are taught in 3 modules and are available daily in the member area, exclusive to subscribers.

caio fabio exclusivo antes de tudo reconexão

The modules of the Caio Fábio Exclusive Course.

Reconnection in God
Reconnection in itself
Reconnection between us.

The course meets all the needs of the students, who can propose questions and live lessons will be held in exclusive webinars.

With the goal of getting the subscriber to reach a life full of meanings, free of guilt and neuroses, and develop healthy relationships in all areas of life.

About Caio Fábio.

Author of hundreds of books and internationally recognized, idealizer of the non-religious movement “Way of Grace,” the Reverend Caio Fábio is a model of meaning: “Follow the teachings of the Gospel without religion.”

Caio Fábio, renowned pastor and psychoanalyst, also has an online TV program (Vem e Vê TV) that runs 24 hours a day with a daily live program, more than 100,000 followers on Facebook, and all his Youtube videos reach thousands Of views.

Read some opinions:

The views of Caio are a little dramatic and satisfactory to the ears, but will they satisfy the change of a non-repentant heart.
We need to be very attentive to some oaks and to know the history of the one who teaches. Edimo Santana Ed Dûû Court

I am very grateful to have met Fabio Fábio and I have learned a lot from your clarifications. Thank you, pastor. GOD IS WITH YOU. Goddess Maravalho

Truth … I agree with your teachings I fall and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ said “And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” And a man only converts himself to Christ when he stops being hypocritical and wishes to know and live the Gospel of Christ … !! God bless Caio and keep using you … !!! Amen. Luiz Carlos Dos Santos

This man who is one of the greatest critics of pastors one day was pastor, today is homosexual effeminate mischievous character without jeering impostor, never saw a single miracle in his preaching. Valdinar Correa

I am odorando to listen to the Caio Fabio, I think in this line regarding the spirituality I could not stay in any church disagreed of these preachings of the majority of the shepherds. Thank you Lord Jesus for the life of Caio Fabio.Caio I am in love with you I love smart people. Paraíba Elvira Bezerra

Free Videos.

Trusting in the quality that the Course Caio Fábio has, some free videos are made available with his sermons. To access the videos click on the link below: