Insomnia UPDATE: This is why SEX might be the reason behind your lack of sleep

Making love could be preventing you from getting a good night’s rest.

The reason for this is that exercise just before bed will stop you drifting off.

This is because your heart rate will increase making you too hot to sleep and have a better sleep.

Despite the fact that sex releases hormones that help you relax, rigorous sex can wake you back up and leave you tossing and turning.

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What’s more, post-sex cuddling can also keep you awake.

If your spouse is a fan of a cuddle you might want to kindly explain to them that they need to keep their hands and have a better sleep to themselves after lights out.

In reality cuddling will just make you hotter, so roll over to the cooler side of the bed to help you drift off, the research from a survey of 1000 UK adults conducted by Atomik Research for Drift Sleep suggested.

The NHS say: “Make an appointment to see your GP if you’re finding it difficult to get to sleep or stay asleep and it’s affecting your daily life – particularly if it has been a problem for a month or more.”

Sleeping on your front is one of the worst positions for your health

Kegel exercises have been tipped as the way to improve your pelvic floor and boost your sex life.

Our bodies don’t just age externally – and if you’re working out the outside you should be exercising the inside too.

As we age or after we have children the muscles become weak causing the bladder to leak and the vagina to become slack and loose.

By holding weights in your vagina you can exercise the area – just like you would any other part of your body.

Rigorous sex can wake you back up and leave you tossing and turning

Men can embrace the exercises too, for more intense orgasms and more longevity of erections.

The muscles control your penis, bladder and prostate – these exercises can keep your penis in great health for longer.

Seventy five per cent of men who do the exercises reported longer lasting and harder erections, according to Private Gym.